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Looking for Counsel?

Pastor Michael Burgos serves Northwest Hills Community Church (Torrington, CT) in preaching, teaching, and counseling. He is affiliated with the Biblical Counseling Coalition and is a certified biblical counselor through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors with a specialization in addiction counseling. He holds advanced degrees in biblical and theological studies and has years of counseling experience. Pastor Burgos will accept a limited number of clients via private practice. Should he be unable to accept your application, a referral to a qualified counselor will be provided.


Click here to download our counseling intake packet


What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical Counseling is distinct from psychology, psychiatry, integrationism, and secular counseling modalities in that we believe God’s Word is sufficient to provide all the instruction and information we need to live well-adjusted and joy-filled lives. Biblical counselors take a compassionate, faithful, and God-honoring approach to counseling problems, whether interpersonal problems, or problems of the heart. God’s Word is filled with all that is needed for the cure of souls.


  • Becoming part of a healthy and Bible-believing church is an integral part of the Christian life and is necessary for your spiritual flourishing. Participating in regular fellowship with fellow believers is an essential part of the care offered in biblical counseling.

  • If you are currently under the care of another counselor, we ask that you conclude meeting with that counselor prior to your first session of biblical counseling. Receiving counsel that is contradictory is unhelpful and unwise.

  • Pastor Burgos is available to meet for counseling through office appointments or via zoom/skype.

  • At any time during the counseling, for reasons sufficient to himself, the counselor as also the counselee—shall have the option of terminating counseling.

  • Pastor Burgos will counsel children, teens, and adults. However, in the event that a child or teen seeks counsel, parental approval is required (see Counseling Confidentiality Agreement).

  • Pastor Burgos does not hold a counseling license as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, or other state recognized license. However, because Pastor Burgos is an ordained churchman and biblical counselor, he is permitted to provide counseling (see the Connecticut General Statutes 383c Sec. 20-195bb). 

  • We do not accept insurance plans to cover counseling fees.

  • Counseling sessions tend to last anywhere between one and two hours. If you have time constraints, please inform Pastor Burgos ahead of time.

  • Generally, counseling materials will be provided to you free of charge. However, there are some materials that may require a nominal purchase (i.e., $10-30).

  • Please have writing materials and a Bible for your appointments.

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