Michael R. Burgos and Marion, his wife of over twenty years, have eight children.  Michael pastors Northwest Hills Community Church (SBC), a thriving multigenerational congregation in the heart of downtown Torrington, Connecticut.

Michael has written a variety of books and articles on topics ranging from theology, apologetics, and biblical counseling. He serves as an adjunct professor and theses/dissertation committee member at Forge Theological Seminary


Theological Tradition

Creedal Trinitarian, Classical Evangelical, Baptist, Reformed


Associate of Science in General Studies

Northwestern College, Winchester, CT

Bachelor of Science in Bible & Theology

Lee University, Cleveland, TN

Certificate in Biblical Counseling

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

Master of Biblical Studies in New Testament

Andersonville Theological Seminary, Camilla, GA

Thesis: A Critical Evaluation of Oneness Pentecostal Christology

Supervisor: James Hayes, D.Min.

Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies

(Candidate) Belhaven University, Jackson, MS

Master of Arts in Theology

University of Chester, Chester, UK

Thesis: Christ as the Divine Angel

Supervisor: Patrick Egan, Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy in Polemic Theology

Forge Theological Seminary, St. Petersburg, FL

Dissertation: Against Oneness Pentecostalism: An Exegetical-Theological Critique

Supervisor: Christain Watkins, Ph.D.



Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

Evangelical Theological Society

International Society of Christian Apologetics


Kiss the Son: A Christological Apology in Response to David K. Bernard’s The Oneness of God (2012).

Credo: An Introduction to Confessional Theology (2017).

Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology (2018).

Jehovah’s Witnesses: A Concise Introduction to an American Cult (2018).

Counterfeit Religion: A Biblical Analysis of Cults, Sects, & False Religious Movements (2019).

Against Oneness Pentecostalism: An Exegetical-Theological Critique, 3rd Ed. (2020).

Light from the Spectrum: Essays on Biblical Counseling, co-authored with Chris Chumita (2020).


Journal Articles & Other Publications:

2012. “Anthropological Monism & Its Incompatibility with Biblical Christianity,” The Journal for Trinitarian Studies & Apologetics, 196-231.

2013. “Explicit Deity: John 18:6,” The Journal for Trinitarian Studies & Apologetics, 35-48.

08/2021. “The Angel of Yahweh: A Biblical Appellation for the Second Person of the Holy Trinity,” American Journal of Biblical Theology, 23.31, 1-24.

09/2021. “The Royal Timeframe,” Biblical Perspectives Magazine, 23.37.

10/2021. "An Exposition of the Second Psalm," Academia Letters, 3767.


01/2022. "The Paradox of the Christian Life: Paul as the Wretched Man in Romans 7:14-25," GNOSI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Theory and Praxis, 5.1, 1-9.


Formal Academic Debates:

04/2011 vs. James N. Anderson;The Son personally preexisted the incarnation with the father.”

05/2011 vs. Samuel Brown; “The Son of God did not possess divinity during his post-incarnate premortem state.

09/2011 vs. Sir Anthony Buzzard; “Who is Jesus?”

08/2014 vs. Cornell Thomas; “At conception, Jesus was not God and man.”

11/2014 vs. Steven Ritchie; “The Father alone existed as God prior to the incarnation.”

04/2020 vs. Stephan Quicksey; “The Son of God did not personally preexist with the Father prior to the incarnation.”

04/2020 vs. Antonio Satchell; “The God of the Old Testament is unitarian."

08/2020 vs. Daniel Myers, “The God of the Old Testament is unitarian.”

11/2020 vs. Bishop Jerry L. Hayes; “Be it resolved the Scriptures teach that by Christian water baptism the believer is placed into Christ and his/her sins are remitted.”

11/2020 vs. Bishop Jerry L. Hayes; "Be it resolved that by means of historical criticism, textual criticism, and literary criticism the triune baptismal formula of Matthew 28:19 is proven non-canonical."

12/2020 vs. Bishop Jerry L. Hayes; "Be it resolved the Scriptures teach that the deity of Jesus Christ is the Father incarnate." 

02/05/2021 vs Carlos Xavier; "Did the Son Preexist Eternally?"