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Michael R. Burgos and Marion, his wife of over twenty years, have nine children.  Michael is the preaching pastor of Northwest Hills Community Church, a thriving multigenerational congregation in the heart of downtown Torrington, Connecticut. He also serves as the provost of Forge Theological Seminary. 


Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling (Current Student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Doctor of Philosophy in Polemical Theology (Forge Theological Seminary)

Master of Arts in Theology (University of Chester)

Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies (Belhaven University)

Bachelor of Science in Bible & Theology (Lee University)



Kiss the Son: A Christological Apology in Response to David K. Bernard’s The Oneness of God (2012).

Credo: An Introduction to Confessional Theology (2017).

Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology (2018).

Jehovah’s Witnesses: A Concise Introduction to an American Cult (2018).

Counterfeit Religion: A Biblical Analysis of Cults, Sects, & False Religious Movements (2019).

Against Oneness Pentecostalism: An Exegetical-Theological Critique, 3rd Ed. (2020).

Light from the Spectrum: Essays on Biblical Counseling, co-authored with Chris Chumita (2020).


Journal Articles & Other Publications:

“Anthropological Monism & Its Incompatibility with Biblical Christianity,” The Journal for Trinitarian Studies & Apologetics (2012), 196-231.

"Explicit Deity: John 18:6,” The Journal for Trinitarian Studies & Apologetics (2013), 35-48.

The Angel of Yahweh: A Biblical Appellation for the Second Person of the Holy Trinity,” American Journal of Biblical Theology, 23.31 (08/2021), 1-24.

The Royal Timeframe,” Biblical Perspectives Magazine, 23.37 (09/2021).

"An Exposition of the Second Psalm," Academia Letters, 3767 (10/2021).

"The Paradox of the Christian Life: Paul as the Wretched Man in Romans 7:14-25," GNOSI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Theory and Praxis, 5.1 (01/2022), 1-9.

"A Biblical Counselor’s Assessment of Creation Therapy," Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (06/2022).

Formal Debates:

04/2011 vs. James N. Anderson;The Son personally preexisted the incarnation with the father.”

05/2011 vs. Samuel Brown; “The Son of God did not possess divinity during his post-incarnate premortem state.

09/2011 vs. Sir Anthony Buzzard; “Who is Jesus?”

08/2014 vs. Cornell Thomas; “At conception, Jesus was not God and man.”

11/2014 vs. Steven Ritchie; “The Father alone existed as God prior to the incarnation.”

04/2020 vs. Stephan Quicksey; “The Son of God did not personally preexist with the Father prior to the incarnation.”

04/2020 vs. Antonio Satchell; “The God of the Old Testament is unitarian."

08/2020 vs. Daniel Myers, “The God of the Old Testament is unitarian.”

11/2020 vs. Bishop Jerry L. Hayes; “Be it resolved the Scriptures teach that by Christian water baptism the believer is placed into Christ and his/her sins are remitted.”

11/2020 vs. Bishop Jerry L. Hayes; "Be it resolved that by means of historical criticism, textual criticism, and literary criticism the triune baptismal formula of Matthew 28:19 is proven non-canonical."

12/2020 vs. Bishop Jerry L. Hayes; "Be it resolved the Scriptures teach that the deity of Jesus Christ is the Father incarnate." 

02/05/2021 vs Carlos Xavier; "Did the Son Preexist Eternally?"

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